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A special thank you goes out to the San Francisco Chronicle for featuring Serenity Malibu as one of the leading health and wellness recovery centers in the country. 

May 17
Serenity Malibu featured on SF Chronicle

Serenity Malibu receives a very high rating from Recovery Reviews website Meridith Watkins the clinical Editor for interviewed Michelle Garcia from the highly rated and respected Serenity Malibu Rehab center in the beautiful Malibu, California. 

The San Francisco Chronicle has an article rating Serenity as the Number one rehabilitation center in the country. Since after one is trying to fight the hard fight of sobriety while maintaining it for many years they know it can be a very difficult thing to do. Individuals need to find a way to live free from the shackles of drug addiction. That is why Michele helped to find Serenity Malibu. 

May 4
Serenity Malibu 5 Star Rating

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Sep 4
Don Varden Precious Metals Advice

Aspiring to the rank of CEO within one organization is an unparalleled accomplishment worthy of praise. Becoming a CEO of another institution and Managing Director of a third is an accomplishment the likes of which only a few select individuals will achieve in their lifetimes. Don Varden is one of these prestigious few. But perhaps Varden’s greatest strength is his commitment to helping others. His adherence to individuals in need is no better exhibited than through the Seasons Recovery Centers, particularly Seasons in Malibu.  

From the moment patients arrive to the time they are ready for release, they receive more professional and morale support than they have in their entire lives. The Seasons in Malibu experience begins with a medical assessment that will help determine a course of action. Most facilities provide the same treatment to every client, regardless of the scope of their addiction, but Don Varden deduced that it would be far more effective to provide each resident with a customized program that caters to their individual needs.

Once an assessment has been made, a variety of techniques are utilized to snap patients out of their old habits. Throughout their stay patients are asked to reveal much about themselves and their problems, but thanks to the one-on-one sessions provided by Seasons in Malibu’s professional, empathetic staff, they eventually become more comfortable expressing their thoughts and feelings – far more than they would at other rehabilitation centers.

The quality care presented at Seasons Recovery Centers sounds like it would cost a small fortune, but Don Varden, who is also the CEO of Serenity Malibu in California and Managing Director of International Bullion Exchange, believes that facilitating the well-being of others is rewarding in and of itself – and far more substantial than any financial reward one can receive.

Thanks to Don Varden and Seasons in Malibu, many former addicts are recounting their stories on various blogs and interest sites throughout the Net. Many of them go on to explain how they’ve tried multiple treatment facilities, only to wish they had visited Seasons sooner. Don Varden – in addition to finding success as a businessman, he has found success as an individual.

Jul 20
Don Varden – Seasons Recovery Centers LLC

Don Varden is the CEO of a company called seasons recovery. Seasons recovery is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in California. With Don Varden being the CEO he is in charge of all activities relating to the health and well being of both patients an employees at the recovery center.

According to his LinkedIn profile Don Varden has worked for the past 3 years at the International Bullion Exchange LLC. The International Bullion Exchange where Don Varden works is a jewelry trading company specializing in the trade of precious medals.

An article written in 2011 also says Don Varden is known for helping to start Serenity Malibu recovery center which is located in Malibu California.

Jul 18
Don Varden